If You Give A Meal Some Morton

If you give a better salt. You get a better dish.

Salt Outside the Box

Give A Meal Some Morton 2

Explore uncharted grain sizes, textures and tastes with Morton® Kosher and Sea Salts, plus get tips that up your cooking game. It’s amazing how far the right salt can take you.

  • Give A Meal Some Morton 2

Morton your new salting sous chef

Morton, Now Your Salting Sous Chef 11

To discover the art of salting food like a pro, just ask Morton. Introducing the Morton Salting Sous Chef Skill, the voice-activated kitchen assistant to help you infuse greater flavor in every bite. From brining to marinating to baking, you’ll get hundreds of tips, insider tricks and useful suggestions on the exact salt to use during the cooking or baking process.

Learn how to brilliantly season over 4,000 food items including veggies, mains, side dishes and desserts. Avocado toast? Check. Grilled salmon? Double check. Chocolate ice cream? Oh, yes we did. If you have salting questions, we have answers. Shake up your inner chef by asking the one with 170 years of experience—Morton Salt.

  • Morton, Now Your Salting Sous Chef 11