Sodium Reduction

For more than 40 years, Morton Salt has been at the forefront of sodium-reduction research in the food industry. Morton Salt has unrivaled experience, a personalized approach to customer service, and a product portfolio that satisfies both our customers’ basic and specialized sodium-reduction needs.

We know there have been concerns regarding sodium in the American diet for decades, and we work with key stakeholders, such as food processing and food service customers, government regulators and consumers, to address sodium reduction while optimizing consumer appeal. We know the challenges food manufacturers face looking to reduce sodium and are your partner to help find a solution.

Together, we can find solutions for low-sodium strategies that exceed consumer expectations for taste, nutrition and value while meeting your objectives for quality, cost, performance and safety.

Leader in Sodium Reduction

When considering sodium reduction in processed foods, Morton Salt has the answers you need to develop new formulations or reformulate the old.

Consumer Perception and Industry Impact

The association between sodium and health continues to a topic of interest, with the United States government calling for an increased availability of affordable, nutritious food options that have lower sodium.

Sodium-Reduction Technologies

Morton Salt offers a variety of sodium-reduction options to help you reformulate with optimum yield, taste, and sensory appeal.