Sodium-Reduction Technologies

Decades worth of attempts to reduce sodium by arbitrarily cutting salt levels has shown this is a poor strategy and does not result in an acceptable product. It is often an unacceptably bland taste and a significant loss in other qualities such as shelf-life, flavor stability, texture and moisture retention. At Morton Salt, we will not accept this as a solution, and we know consumers will not be satisfied.

However, we do believe gradual change can be met with success when well-executed. At Morton Salt, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to lowering sodium levels. The functional, processing, preservation and sensory requirements of each application require a tailored, integrated approach. To that end, we have developed a number of sodium-reduction solutions for our food processing customers who are looking to provide consumers with options.

At the heart of our technology, we offer a variety of sodium-reduction products including:

When you work with Morton Salt, you will benefit from the investment we have made in arming our quality and technical sales teams with on-the-ground understanding of how salt works and how it affects your formula. And with the backing of our R&D, analytical capabilities and access to leading testing labs and resources (including our new state-of-the-art food lab dedicated to exploring the next generation of reduced sodium solutions), Morton is ready to help you tackle any challenge.

KaliSel: For More Balanced Mineral Nutrition

Swapping potassium for sodium, a perfect fit for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.