Leader in Sodium Reduction

Morton Salt has been a leader in sodium reduction for more than 40 years. When considering sodium reduction in processed foods, Morton Salt has the answers you need to develop new formulations or reformulate the old. In fact, in 2014 Morton Salt opened a state-of-the-art food lab dedicated to exploring the next generation of reduced sodium solutions.

We provide invaluable knowledge in processing and applications expertise and a deep understanding of salt chemistry and science. But what Morton Salt understands best is that reducing sodium doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing taste. With a master’s collection of potassium chloride products and various salt particle sizes, bulk densities and crystal forms to work with, reduced-sodium formulations can still achieve full flavors and improved nutrition facts.

Morton’s experienced food scientists have been working to master sodium reduction for more than 40 years. This is precisely what keeps us as a leading authority on sodium reduction and a preferred partner for food manufacturers looking to create great-tasting, lower-sodium product offerings. Read on to learn more about Morton Salt’s sodium-reduction capabilities.

Sodium: An Essential Dietary Nutrient

Sodium is an essential nutrient in the diet. However, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans say Americans are exceeding recommended consumption amounts.

The Future of Sodium Reduction: Working Together

“Shaping the future of salt℠” – Partner with Morton Salt and watch your business grow.

More information about Morton Salt’s core sodium-reduction technologies can be found here.