The Future of Sodium Reduction: Working Together

“Shaping the future of salt℠” is more than a tagline. It represents our internal commitment today and in the future to be North America’s leading authority on salt in ALL the markets we serve. It also represents Morton Salt’s external commitment to be the go-to source for our food processing customers and the food industry stakeholders for:

  • Helping to solve demanding salt-related challenges
  • Educating on salt-related trends and the impacts those trends may have on the industry
  • Offering a comprehensive portfolio that satisfies both customers’ basic and specialized needs
  • Focusing innovation initiatives on solutions that help customers:
    • Differentiate their products
    • Increase their profitability, efficiency, and/or
    • Position them on the forefront of trends and/or
    • Respond to changes in standards or regulations without sacrificing consumer appeal
  • Providing them with peace of mind that Morton Salt will uphold the exceptional quality, reliability and service that have been synonymous with its name for over 160 years

With regards to sodium reduction, Morton Salt has also proactively worked hand-in-hand with customers, government regulators and consumers to address concerns about excessive dietary sodium. Offering products that meet the call to action for Americans to reduce their sodium intake can present a challenge.

Food manufacturers – whether processing dairy products, poultry, snacks, soups, and more – can rely on Morton Salt as a partner in helping implement gradual changes in sodium levels across the food supply to maintain product taste, functionality and consumer appeal. Morton Salt can help you maintain product taste, functionality and consumer appeal while reducing sodium content.

When you work with Morton Salt, you will benefit from the investment we have made in arming our quality and technical sales teams with on-the-ground understanding of how salt works and how it affects your formula. And with the backing of our R&D, analytical capabilities and access to leading testing labs and resources, Morton Salt is ready to help you tackle any challenge.

Contact our Food Manufacturers Sodium-Reduction Hotline for Support

Phone: 855-253-7902