Morton<sup>®</sup> <br>SAFE-T-SALT<sup>®</sup> (BLUE)


Pre-wet Treated Rock Salt.

Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt Enhanced Deicing Salt can help you get more out of your winter maintenance resources. It is rock salt enhanced with a proprietary treatment containing a chloride solution.

The rock salt component is sodium chloride that has been direct-mined from underground deposits and then further processed for end use by crushing and screening. The proprietary treatment is fact-acting and effective in lower temperatures.

Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt® Treated is available for purchase at select locations in the central region of the United States. For more information on Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt Treated, please contact your Morton Salt sales representative.

  • Bulk deicing
  • Less bounce and scatter
  • More environmentally focused
  • Easier on vehicles and equipment
  • Enhanced visibility