Efficient Melting That Is Environmentally Focused.

Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt Max Enhanced Deicing Salt can help you get more out of your winter maintenance resources. It is rock salt enhanced with a proprietary treatment containing a magnesium chloride solution and organic components.

The rock salt component is sodium chloride that has been direct-mined from underground deposits and then further processed for end use by crushing and screening. The proprietary treatment meets the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) performance specification for corrosion rate.

Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt® Max is available for purchase at select locations in the United States. For more information on Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt Max, please contact your Morton Salt sales representative.

  • Bulk deicing
  • Less bounce and scatter
  • More environmentally focused
  • Easier on vehicles and equipment
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Addresses leaching and freezing