Without question, consumers love the taste of salt and salt in the diet has been safe since the beginning of time. However, a link has been suggested between too much sodium and some chronic health conditions. This link, along with encouragement from governing health authorities to lower sodium intake, has many consumers paying closer attention to the Nutrition Facts on foods prepared outside of their own home. It also drives the need to fulfill special requests for lower- or reduced-sodium prepared foods that can accommodate those dieters who are targeting reduced sodium in their diet.

Despite the desire for some consumers to reduce their sodium levels, some reduced-sodium products struggle to remain on the store shelves. At Morton Salt, we constantly keep our finger on the pulse of consumer trends and demands and our research shows that although some people may wish to control their sodium intake, they often want to keep the taste even more. The bottom line is that consumers should not have to sacrifice taste to lower sodium intake.

We know the challenge this can present for food manufacturers. Read on for more information about how Morton can work with food manufacturers to help balance their formulas and meet sodium objectives without sacrificing taste and sensory appeal. Our sodium-reduction technologies portfolio is a great starting point.

“Less sodium, but will it taste the same?.”

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