Water Softening

Do you have spotty dishes? Buildup in your shower? How about dry, itchy skin? Or laundry that feels like sandpaper? Then you may have hard water. And you’re not alone. Hard water affects three out of four households in the U.S.

The solution is to soften your water. Morton® Water Softener Salts can help. As the #1 brand of water softening salt, Morton can help you discover why soft water is better water.

Soft Water Is Better Water

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Switching from hard water to soft water not only improves your home, it improves everything. Did you know three our of four homes in the US are affected by hard water?

Hard water can turn the simplest of household tasks into hard work for you. Glassware and dishes are left with spots. Clothes look duller and don’t feel as soft. Bathroom fixtures develop unsightly film. Soaps and laundry detergents don't lather as well. Even your skin and hair don't feel as clean. Hard water is also tough on appliances, especially on washing machines, dishwashers and hot water heaters.

About Water Filtration and Water Softening Systems

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The Morton® Whole Home Water Filtration System is a natural selection that is eco-friendly, virtually maintenance-free and provides you with peace of mind knowing that the water in your home is clean and fresh. Whether your water comes from a city or well-water source, this system is compatible with any home.

Get the same high quality performance you expect from Morton Salt products with Morton® System Saver® Water Softeners. These efficient whole-house systems come with an installation kit and offer a compact, space-saving design, power interruption protection and free technical support. See the difference a System Saver® Water Softener can make in your household!

  • Soft Water Is Better Water 16