How A Water Softener Works

Water softeners contain resin beads that remove hard water ions before they reach your sinks, showers and appliances. These resin beads need to be regularly recharged by salt water to keep your softener working its best. Premium salt products such as Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets will not only recharge your softener’s resin beads but will also help reduce buildup to extend the life of your appliances!

What does a water softener do?

Morton® Water Softeners and Whole Home Water Filtration System

Morton® Water Softeners are whole-house systems that offer a compact, space-saving design, power interruption protection and free technical support. See the difference a Morton® Water Softener can make in your home!

The Morton® Whole Home Water Filtration System is eco-friendly and compatible with any home, whether on well or city water. Even better, it’s virtually maintenance-free, and provides you with peace of mind knowing that the water in your home is filtered and refreshing.

Morton® Water Softeners


Maintaining your water softener

Morton recommends two bags every two months to help you keep feeling the benefits of soft water. As America’s premier brand of water softener salt, we know that water needs vary between households. That’s why Morton has a range of options to meet your needs.

Discover Morton® Water Softener Salt

Which water softener is right for you?