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Morton Professionals Choice - the premium salt that really performs.

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Why Morton Salt for your Pool?

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The Premium Choice

Morton Professionals Choice fine grade pool salt is high purity all-natural and dissolves in under 3 minutes – about the time it takes to put a swim cap on! Morton’s unique packaging also makes it easy to carry, open, and pour.

Morton Professionals Choice Pool Salt means less downtime for your pool, and more great memories for your friends and family. 

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Clean and Clear

What distinguishes a Morton salt water pool? It’s simple: High purity and faster dissolving salt that provides clean water and more refreshing swims in your pool.

Gentler on skin, eyes, and fabrics – with Morton Pool salt, you can look forward to softer feeling skin and bathing suits that keep their color.

Keep your saltwater pool full of clean and clear water with the help of Morton Professionals Choice Pool Salt.

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