Morton<sup>®</sup> <br>Clean and Protect™ 1

Clean and Protect™

Protect your appliances with soft water.

Morton® products for pharmaceuticals set the industry standard.

Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets keep your water softener running cleaner and longer. They are phosphate-free, and keep virtually all unwanted hardness minerals out of your water. You can count on reduced costs associated with fouled resins, added maintenance, clean-outs, downtime, while extending the life of your appliances. Using Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets in your water softener leave behind significantly less calcium and manganese insolubles in your brine tank than salt pellets. Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets contain a water-soluble resin cleaning agent.

NSF Certified

Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets are NSF certified. They also meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA B200 standard for sodium chloride.


  • Check the salt levels, keeping the tank at least 1/2 full
  • Fill your softener with two bags of salt every two months
  • 25 lb, 40 lb, 44 lb and 50 lb bags
  • Helps prevent mineral buildup in pipes and appliances
  • Helps improve efficiency and extend the life of appliances and water heaters