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Winter can be a wonderland for your pet - or a slippery slide. This season, #BootTheBoot and protect your dogs' paws with Morton® Safe-T-Pet.

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Make a Best Friend! There are several dogs who need a loving home. Meet a few of our furry friends in your area that are looking for a forever home.

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A safer Ice Melt for pets' paws! Morton Safe-T-Pet is the vet-preferred ice melt for happy paws -less irritation, more winter fun.

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What Is Boot the Boot?

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Snow, sleet or ice, Morton Safe-T-Pet means no boots required.

For thousands of years, dogs have loyally stood by our side. So why are we now letting them fall? When bad weather hits, don’t let your dog shamefully slip and slide in booties, or worse, burn their paws on unsafe salt. This season, let’s Boot the Boot for good, and liberate our most loyal friends with Morton Safe-T-Pet.

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An Ice Melt For Happy Paws

Developed with the help of veterinarians, Morton Safe-T-Pet is the preferred choice for your four-legged friends. Free of chlorides, it is formulated to be safer to pet’s paws than other salts, keeping your pets’ paws happy during the winter months.

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Boot the Boot with Morton Safe-T-Pet

A safer ice melt for pets and the environment. Developed with veterinarians, for happy paws.

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