Healthy Sodium Reduction Tips

Be Informed. Salt Responsibly. 

You want to eat well without sacrificing taste. Learn ways to control your salt intake with our salting tips:

  1. Make it from scratch. Cooking your own meals is an easy way to control & reduce your sodium intake. It may surprise you to know just how much sodium is actually in prepackaged foods. Be sure to always read nutrition labels.
  2. Taste your food before salting.
  3. Like your mother always said, eat your fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce contains nearly zero sodium. When you do choose to cook veggies, use salt sparingly and only salt to taste.
  4. In the kitchen and on the dinner table you can try substituting reduced sodium salt products like Morton® Lite SaltMixture or Morton® Salt Substitute, spices and herbs for salt.
  5. Rinse canned foods to get rid of unwanted salt.