Protect Your Pets This Winter

Don’t let winter keep your pets from enjoying the outdoors. By following the recommendations you can help ensure your pets stay safe while playing outside this winter:

  • Protect Those Paws

    Salted sidewalks and streets can be hard on pets’ paws. Morton® Safe-T-Pet® ice melt is veterinarian-recommended salt and chloride free formula that is safer for pet’s paws than traditional ice melt products – but still tough on ice.

  • Avoid Toxic Temptations

    Be sure to keep all chemicals sealed on a high shelf, away from your four-legged friends, and clean up spills as soon as they happen. Antifreeze solutions are especially dangerous to pets. These solutions have a sweet taste, but are highly toxic even in the smallest amounts.

  • Wipe Down

    Even when using a pet-friendly ice melt on your walkways, it is recommended that you towel off your pet’s paws after any time outside to help remove any winter irritants they may have encountered. Make sure to carefully inspect for any snow or ice that may be stuck between your pet’s paw pads.

Morton® Safe-T-Pet®

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