Be Smarter Than Winter With Morton

Winter weather has arrived and with more snow and ice on the way, now is the perfect time to partner with Morton Ice Melt to help keep your sidewalks ice-free and your family safe this winter.

Morton Salt Presents “Neighbors”

Prepare your home for winter weather.


which ice melt is right for you and your family?

From pet-friendly formulations for families with four-legged friends to fast acting blends for busy professionals, Morton has the right ice melt for your specific needs.

Learn which ice melt is right for you.


Morton Safe-T-Pet

Don’t forget about your four-legged family members this winter. Veterinarian-recommended Morton Safe-T-Pet is specially formulated to keep your walkways pet-friendly.


Product Details

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Morton action melt

Time isn’t always on your side. Get on the fast track to a safer sidewalk with Morton Action Melt.

Action Melt®


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How should you apply ice melt?

Now that you have chosen the right product for your needs, find out how to properly apply Ice Melt for the most effective melting.

Learn about 
Ice Melt application. 

How much ice melt do you need?

Morton Salt makes it easy: