this font is garbage.

40% of food is wasted in the U.S. Think that’s garbage? Say it with this font.

Here’s an unsettling fact: Americans waste about 150,000 tons of food each day.

As part of our Erase Food Waste movement, we’re challenging eaters everywhere to think before they toss—starting with a font made from food waste. The font is 100% free, because we’re 100% salty about food waste.

What will you create with the font? Explore the story and tag your inspiring work with #EraseFoodWaste.

from food waste to font.

We turned food waste into a font worth sharing.

Food waste like bananas, bread, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and potatoes were turned into a typeface. This is how it all went down.

Foraging, stamping & forming a font

  • Week 1: First, we collected food waste.
  • Week 2: Then we began exploring font styles, stamping foods onto paper and drawing inspiration from ingredients’ natural shapes.
  • Week 3: Each shape is scanned and digitized.
  • Week 4: Letterforms are designed and turned into a typeface.

What happened to the food after that?

Raising awareness about food waste is just one way to help drive change. Find out 7 ways you can stop wasting food right now.

Posters with purpose

From the ink to the font to the paper, these posters have a lot to say about food waste.

Flip through the gallery.

erase food waste with words made from food waste.

If you’re salty about food waste too, then let your voice be heard!
Use our new font to spread the message to #EraseFoodWaste.
From artwork to apparel, to digital prints and motion graphics, there’s no limit to what you can create. So go ahead and channel your inner artist.

  • Get the free font and show us your creative side @mortonsalt.
  • Download this phone wallpaper for Android & iPhone.
  • Print invites and place settings for a fridge cleanout party.
  • Hang flyers in town and start your own revolution.