Pool Science

Achieving and maintaining optimal pH levels is the key to achieving functional pools and happy customers. Sometimes this process can take excessive amounts of time due to slow dissolve time of cynauric acid and other chemicals.

Now Morton has used scientific technology to improve this process and deliver a fast-acting pool solution to help your business grow.

Morton’s Advanced Formula Pool Salt is an innovative product, scientifically engineered to provide stability to balanced pool water. The patented, easy-to-use, multi-mineral mix simplifies start-up of a chlorine generator system. Continued use of this product will help to produce the crystal clear water that you expect in your pool.

Equipped with:

  • High Purity Pool Salt – free of stain causing additives
  • Metal Deactivator – protects pool surfaces
  • Fast-Dissolving Stabilizer (Sodium Cyanurate/Cyanuric Acid) – maintains target pool pH longer and dissolves fast
  • Patented pH Balancer
  • Pool Water Conditioner – provides stable water balance
  • Improves water clarity and feel