Morton Salt Adds A Pop Of Pink To Its Product Portfolio With The Launch Of New, All-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

New offering brings a dash of flavor, color and excitement to any dish, along with new recipes from Chef Richard Blais

CHICAGO—SEPTEMBER 17, 2019—Morton Salt has added a colorful new product to its product line-up with the launch of All-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt. Available in both fine and coarse grain sizes in stores nationwide, Morton’s Himalayan Pink Salt is destined to enhance the flavor of any dish, from appetizers to desserts and anything in between.

Direct from the iron-rich foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Morton Himalayan Pink Salt delivers a pop of rich color and flavor that’s naturally good. Whether hosting a dinner party or making a quick snack, a few sprinkles can bring out the flavor in any dish. Morton Fine Himalayan Pink Salt is best for baking and blending, while Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt is the go-to for grilling or finishing off dishes with texture and color.

“The pink hue brings color and excitement to cooking and the coarse and fine grain sizes provide versatility for all your salting needs”

-Richard Blais

To launch its new product offering, Morton has partnered with chef, TV personality, restaurateur and author Richard Blais. Blais created a series of new recipes featuring Morton Himalayan Pink Salt for home chefs, which are available on the Morton Salting Sous Chef Skill for Amazon Alexa.

“Salt is the most important seasoning to have in your kitchen, and knowing when to use the right salt can make all the difference in turning an ordinary dish into something extraordinary,” said Blais. “Morton’s Himalayan Pink Salt is no exception! The pink hue brings color and excitement to cooking and the coarse and fine grain sizes provide versatility for all your salting needs – from seasoning steaks, salads, soups and stews, to elevating sweets with a sprinkle of salt.” 

Himalayan Pink Salt join’s Morton’s premium lineup of trusted salts including Morton Coarse Kosher Salt, and Coarse and Fine Sea Salts.

“Himalayan Pink Salt has been growing in popularity across the country, and we’re proud to now offer this product under the high-quality Morton Salt name that consumers can trust,” said Brian Bissell, Marketing Director, Consumer Products. “Morton Himalayan Pink Salt will give home chefs a new, all-natural choice to help unleash more creativity in the kitchen.”

The new offering from Morton comes in a sleek new container with greater functionality. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Morton Himalayan Pink Salt container is easy to hold in one hand and features a lid that enables home chefs to shake, measure or pour just the right amount of salt. In addition, the container has a transparent window that shows off the irresistible hue of the Himalayan Pink Salt and makes it clear to see how much salt is in the bottle.

As part of Morton Salt’s commitment to sustainability, the entire bottle can be recycled once the label is removed.

You can find Morton Himalayan Pink Salt at major retailers throughout the U.S and by visiting To learn more about this new product, and to find recipes from Chef Richard Blais and more salt inspired recipes, go to


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