Water Softeners

Morton® Whole Home Water Softeners are the premium choice to soften your home's water. These efficient whole home water softeners offer compact, space-saving designs, free technical support and the high quality performance you expect from Morton. Feel the difference a Morton Water Softener can make to your household's water!

Which salt should you be putting in your softener?  Information on the full line of Morton® Water Softener Salt can be found  at the link below.

Test Your Water

How hard is your water? Request a free Morton test strip to find out.

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Life Needs Softer Water

What makes softer water better water? Soft water leaves your hair and skin feeling soft after your morning shower and can improve the taste of your drinking water. It can make the difference for brighter laundry, softer towels and sparkling dishes. Soft water is safer for home appliances, too. Discover the benefits of Morton® Water Softener Salt.

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