Next Door Chef New Orleans Bios

Chef Siobhan 

Siobhan is a New Orleans transplant of seven years. Originally from New Jersey, she comes from a mixed background—Chinese, Spanish, Irish and German. Her multicultural heritage has hugely influenced her love for exotic foods. More than anyone, Siobhan’s Grandma, who she calls Hah-Boo, has fostered Siobhan’s love for food. Siobhan loves food so much she named her dog after the thickener in gumbo. Roux was also inspiration for the restaurant’s name! Siobhan hopes to master the grill and to make her grandmother proud with her new found cooking skills.

Nina Compton

Nina Compton is the owner and executive chef of Compere Lapin, named after a mischievous rabbit from Caribbean folklore. She was born in Saint Lucia, but made New Orleans her home after rising to fame on a hit cooking competition show. Nina was inspired to become a chef after seeing her grandmother take charge in the kitchen. Now she’s taken charge herself, creating renowned dishes inspired by her Caribbean roots, with a flair of Italian and French influence. She knows her salts and when to use them—the proof is in her exquisite menu. Her dishes tell a story and every bite is a chapter worth indulging in.

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