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We partnered a home cook with a seasoned chef and Kosher and Sea Salt to turn a home cooked meal into a gourmet dining experience.

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Fine Sea Salt for precision and flavor.

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Next Door Chef
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Coarse Sea Salt for texture and finish.

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Salt-Roasted Beets with Avocado, Mixed Lettuces and Citrus Vinaigrette 1
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Coarse Kosher Salt for seasoning and prep.

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What Is Next Door Chef?

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Cara's Kitchen

Cara had one overriding question for chef Jason—what makes Sea Salt and Kosher Salt turn a great recipe into an unforgettable meal? Here, Jason shows that with a little coaching and the right choice of salts, anyone can turn a home cooked meal into a delectable dining experience.

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Cara's Team

Cara is a stylist and a metal fabricator living in Chicago who didn’t know how different types of salts could enhance her cooking.

Jason is the Chef and owner of the Chicago based restaurant Giant. A simple— and special little neighborhood spot with great service and honest, unpretentious delicious food.

Sea Salt and Kosher Salt featured in the recipes, play a delightful role in bringing Chef Cara’s dishes to life. 

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Kosher Salt

Every chef’s must-have seasoning, Morton Kosher Salt makes it easy to pinch just the right amount into your cooking. Coarse flakes perfectly blend with other ingredients to enhance all flavors.

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Sea Salt

Our fine sea salt derived from seawater evaporated by the sun. The fine salt crystals dissolve quickly, ideal for blending into marinades, soups, sauces and dressings. The larger Coarse Sea salt crystals add a crunch along with a burst of flavor to any food.

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