Salt is anything but basic. It’s the original ingredient. Essential to cooking and baking. The key to every kitchen. Just a pinch can punch up flavor. And Morton has the culinary salt and seasonings you need to make every dish delicious.

Recipes For Every Season

Delicious All Season Recipes

You will love these recipes that showcase the season's best flavors!

  • Delicious All Season Recipes
  • Kosher Dill Pickles 1
  • Sea Salt & Pepper Shrimp 4
  • Warm Spinach Salad 5
  • Salmon on Sea-of-Salt Bed 1

Morton Quick and Easy Recipes

Easy Garlic Bread 8

Explore our recipe selection to find inspiration no matter the occasion. Try something fun and new or see different ways Morton can bring a new touch to your old favorites.

  • Easy Garlic Bread 8
  • Easy Garlic Bread 10
  • Easy Garlic Bread 2
  • Easy Garlic Bread 3