Morton<sup>®</sup> <br>System Saver<sup>®</sup> II

System Saver® II

Keeps Water Softeners Running Cleaner and Longer.

Morton® System Saver® II patented formula keeps water softeners running cleaner and longer. Morton System Saver II will remove substantially more iron from resin beads during the regeneration cycle than other pellets on the market, extending the capacity and life of your water softener. In addition, you will use less salt and reduce costs associated with fouled resins, added maintenance, cleanouts, and downtime. Morton System Saver II will keep virtually all unwanted hardness minerals out of your process water and will leave behind significantly less insolubles, iron and manganese sludge in your brine tank than other pellets.

Morton System Saver II Pellets are phosphate-free.


Morton System Saver II Pellets are NSF certified. They also meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA B200 standard for sodium chloride.


Morton System Saver II Pellets contain a patented, water-soluble resin cleaning additive.

  • Water softening
  • Other resin-regeneration applications and uses
  • Available in 25 lb bags, 40 lb bags and 50 lb bags