Soft Water And Your Home With The Cousins From HGTV

Soft Water Provides Benefits That Are Felt Throughout Your Home. 

To learn a professional’s perspective, Morton® partnered with The Cousins from HGTV to learn some tips and hints on how to beat hard water in both your kitchen and bathroom.

How Soft Water Can Protect Your Kitchen

  • Water flows throughout your kitchen, and simple water maintenance can help protect your appliances. Watch to get some professional insight from The Cousins on how to protect the investments you make in your kitchen. 

See How Soft Water Can Help Protect Your Kitchen and Appliances


  • Water is a critical element in any bathroom. Watch as The Cousins explain how soft water helps keep your bathroom fixtures functioning properly.

See How Soft Water Helps Keep Your Bathroom Fixtures Working Their Best

Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Soft water provides benefits that are felt throughout your home. Watch as The Cousins explain why soft water is key to maintaining your home. 

See Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Help maintain your kitchen and Bathroom with Morton® water softener salt

Learn why you should be you should be using Morton® Clean and Protect™ pellets to maintain your home. 

To maintain soft water in your home, add 2 bags of Water Softener Salt every 2 months. 
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