Next Door Chef Nashville Bios

Karl Worley

Karl is the owner and executive chef of Biscuit Love, a restaurant built from scratch with his beautiful and quick-witted wife, Sarah. His childhood and travel memories served as inspiration when creating the menu. Biscuit Love’s Angel Biscuits are an ode to his grandmother, who he cooked beside as a young boy. Karl also draws inspiration from those who came before him, with dishes like his shrimp and grits, inspired by renowned Southern chef Bill Neal. Karl believes in nurturing not only guests, but also the Biscuit Love staff. He and Sarah work hard to create opportunity for all their employees with a compassionate culture that feels more like family. Together, they give back to the community with lots of love and service.

Chef Travis 

Travis is a native Texan whose love of music and a beautiful, talented girl led him to Nashville, TN. Now married, he’s putting down roots and renovating his first home with his lovely wife, Claire, and their beautiful daughter, Indie. As a full-time traveling musician, Travis doesn’t have a lot of time to master the art of cooking. Even though he’s known for making a fantastic grilled cheese, he’s got a lot to learn in the kitchen. He’s looking forward to learning a few tricks and making a wonderful meal for his wife, like she’s always done for him.

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